Global Outreach Policy Statement


Policy Statement for Missionaries being Sent by Richfield Life Ministries Church  



Global Outreach at Richfield  Life Ministries Church shall be defined as any ministry conducted outside the local congregation, the purpose of which is to fulfill the Great Commission by the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship, church planting and church development.  We recognize the importance of meeting other human needs in conjunction with any of these ministries in accordance with Christ’s Great Commission.


1.     To fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20)

2.    To see individuals brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (John 3:16, Acts 1:8, Romans 10:13-15)

3.    To build up the body of Christ through discipleship (Eph. 4:12-16)

4.    To minister to the totality of human need (Matt. 22:37-39; 25:31-46)


1.    To insure that the Global Outreach ministry remains faithful to the biblical mandates and to the overall purpose of the church.

2.    To guide, clarify and instruct the Global Outreach Committee and the church in the promotion, education and stewardship of the Global Outreach ministry.

3.    To help promote thoughtful evaluation of critical issues regarding our Global Outreach ministry.

4.    To maintain consistency of policy and direction as Global Outreach Committee membership changes.

5.    To provide education and accountability in the Global Outreach Committee’s relationship to the council and congregation.

6.    To equip and educate new members of the Global Outreach Committee when they begin their term of service.


1.    It is intended that these policies be carefully followed.  However, should it be advisable, exceptions can be made at any time but must be approved by a simple majority of the Global Outreach Committee and the approval of the church council.  Exceptions should only be made after prayerful consideration and must be properly noted in the minutes.

2.    This policy will be reviewed every two years upon the instruction of the chairman.  Recommended revisions can be made by Global Outreach Committee and Church Council approval and must be properly noted and dated.  Obsolete or changed policy may be revised and removed by the same procedure.

1. The Global Outreach Committee of the Richfield  Life Ministries Churchshall consist of six members of the church and will include the following: 


A.     Three persons elected by the congregation. 

B.     A representative of WeGo (Women Encouraging Global Outreach). 

C.     One representative from the church council. 

D.     One of the pastors.


2.   One additional member should be elected for each one hundred or fraction thereof over 400 members of the church, with the maximum size of the Global Outreach Committee being 12 members.

3.   Members elected to the Global Outreach Committee shall be elected for a term of three years.  No more than two consecutive terms may be served.  A member may be elected to additional terms after being off the Committee for one year.

4.   The  Global Outreach Committee shall conduct annual elections of officers (Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary) at the first scheduled meeting each year.

5.  A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Global Outreach Committee.

6. The policies and procedures of the  Global Outreach Committee shall be established and instituted by the approval of the Church Council.


1. It shall be the duty of the Global Outreach Committee to stimulate and encourage missions education, support and involvement in the church. 

A.  The Committee shall conduct a missions conference in the church at least once a year for emphasis.

B.  The Committee shall be active in the promotion of prayer for the missionaries as well as the overall church.

C. The Committee shall conduct all missions activity to the glory of God.


2.      The Global Outreach Committee shall investigate missionaries, missions agencies and special missions projects and make recommendations to the council.

A. Doctrinal Statements of missionaries, Mission Boards and organizations shall be secured and carefully reviewed to assure that they are in agreement with our own beliefs.

B.  Financial data regarding support needs, accounting procedures and accountability shall be obtained and reviewed by the committee before making a recommendation for support.

C. The Committee and the council shall jointly present their recommendations to the congregation at a business meeting for appropriate action. 


3.     The Global Outreach Committee shall investigate and prepare mission projects for the people of the church and inform the church of such opportunities.  Those projects deemed beneficial shall be made known to the church and the people, and they shall be encouraged to give themselves and their time.  Approved projects will take priority over other projects that may come up for support.

4.      The Global Outreach Committee shall have the privilege to call for a special business meeting of the church, as necessary with matters pertaining to the missions program of the church. 


The Global Outreach Committee shall review and prepare the mission budget for the church annually.

1.      The annual budget shall be presented to the Council for approval.

2.      Following Council approval the annual budget shall be presented to the congregation for appropriate action at a business meeting.



1.   Those missionaries or projects that are recommended and accepted by the church shall begin receiving support for the ministry:

A.     When the missionary begins work on the field of service.  The support will be considered beginning at the beginning of required language study.

B.     When the project begins, the support will begin.

2.      Missionaries on home assignment will continue to receive support for the period of home assignment up to one year.

3.      Missionaries on home assignment will be reviewed while they are home for continued support from the church.

4.      Funds for missionaries are not to be discontinued while they are on the field of ministry. (some exceptions can be applied)

5.      Those individuals who are Members of RLMC when they receive their call by God to commit to vocational ministry in missions, and are approved by the church  Global Outreach Committee, Church Council, and the congregation shall be supported by RLMC under the following guidelines: 

A.     It is to be understood that all support pledged by RLMC is done so as the Lord Provides for these needs through the faithful giving of the church family.

B.     It will be the goal of RLMC to provide 33% of the total needed support.  This figure may extend to 50%. 


6.      Members of the church will begin to receive their support upon the beginning of the service on the field.

7.      It is the missionaries’ responsibility to properly plan and provide for retirement.  (RLMC will discontinue financial support when a missionary retires from their field of service.)



1.      The Committee shall be responsible for the continuing justification of support of any given missionary or project.

2.      The Committee may recommend discontinuance of any missionary or project by: 

A.     Investigating any difficulty honestly, objectively and fairly.